Students interested in obtaining a graduate certificate in cybersecurity must:

  1. Submit an for admissions
  2. Complete requisite coursework, and
  3. Submit an application for obtaining the certificate.


 The following rules and procedures apply.

Enroll in the Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity through the Graduate School:

  1. Students must first apply into the certificate program and be accepted before applying for the actual certificate award.
    • If you are a current UMSL graduate student who has taken the requisite courses but did not officially enroll in the certificate program, you may do so now. Once enrolled, you may apply for the certificate award after ensuring that you meet all requirements.
  2. Who can enroll in the Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity?
    • By the time of enrollment, prospective students must have obtained a baccalaureate degree or the equivalent from an accredited college or university. Please see all  requirements for admission here.
    • The certificate is also open to current Graduate Students (from any major) at UMSL. You must still apply to enroll into the certificate program.
    • NOTE: Choose "Certificate" and type in "Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity" in the online application when asked about the degree program you wish to enroll in.
      • You may also specify "Computer Science" or "Information Systems" in the comments box if you have a preference for more Computer Science or Information Systems courses respectively.


Courses in the Certificate Program

  1. The required (core) courses for the certificate passed in FS2015 or after are automatically approved for the certificate. Electives, course substitutions, and older courses must be approved by the program director.
  2. Courses used for the certificate cannot be older than 3 years when the certificate is awarded.
  3. At least one course counted for the certificate must be taken in or after the semester in which the student is admitted into the certificate program.
  4. A maximum of two 4000-level courses can be used for the certificate.
  5. A minimum of four courses for the certificate must be completed at UMSL.


Certificate Awards

  1. Students must be enrolled in the certificate program when applying for the certificate award.
  2. The certificates are awarded using the same mechanism as degrees. Students apply for the certificate award using the G10 form available at the Graduate School web site while meeting the application deadlines. The certificate is awarded during commencement for the semester.
  3. Certificates are governed by the same rules as graduate degrees – at the time of the award the GPA of courses in the certificate, and the overall GPA must be at least 3.0.
  4. Per graduate school requirements, a student must be registered for at least one course in the semester in which the student applies for the certificate award.
  5. When awarded, a student will have the certificate added to the transcript. The student will also receive a separate certificate document in the mail.
  6. A student can apply for the certificate award starting in FS2016.
  7. If a student has the undergraduate cybersecurity certificate, the student cannot use any of the same courses for the graduate certificate.


Please contact the Program Directors for questions and clarifications.