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Multidisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity

The Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity is a six-course (18 credit hours) multidisciplinary program housed in the Graduate School. It is designed to help students from all backgrounds achieve a foundation in information security. It provides students the flexibility to focus on technical and/or managerial aspects of computer, software, network, and information security. With primary courses offered by Computer Science and Information Systems departments, the program also allows students to choose from a range of electives based on student interests.

This certificate serves a broad group of managers, technical specialists, and professionals with a bachelor’s degree. A prior background in information security is not required to enter this program.

Requirements: All students must take three required courses and three electives.
Required Courses 3
INFSYS 6828 Principles of Information Security
CMP SCI 4730 Computer Networks

Or INFSYS 6836

Management of Data Networks and Security
CMP SCI 5782 Advanced Information Security

Or INFSYS 6858

Advanced Cyber Security Concepts
Electives 3
CMP SCI 4700 Computer Forensics
CMP SCI 4780 Computer and Network Security
CMP SCI 5750 Cloud Computing
INFSYS 6868 Software Assurance
INFSYS 6878 Management of Information Security
CMP SCI 5020 Developing Android Apps: Android Fundamentals
CMP SCI 5222 Advanced iOS Apps
Total Courses (Credit Hours) - 6 (18)


  1. Students may substitute the above electives with other courses upon approval by the graduate program director of the Computer Science or Information Systems Department. In all cases, 18 hours are needed to complete the Graduate Certificate in Information Security.
  2. A maximum of two (2) 4000-level courses can be taken as part of the graduate certificate
  3. At least one elective must be a Computer Science  (CMP SCI) course
  4. A minimum of four courses must be taken in residence at UMSL

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