Explore the variety of specialty areas and careers associated with Cybersecurity [Get Started Here]

  • National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education and DHS jointly developed the Cybersecurity Workforce Framework. It is a great way to explore the many specialty areas in cybersecurity as well as the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) associated with them. View the interactive page.
  • A lot of other resources also appear on the NICCS site


Security Training and Free Certification Preparation Material for Active Government Employees, members of the military, and US Veterans

  • If you are a current government employee or member of the military, please visit FedVTE
  • If you are a US veteran, please visit: Hire our Heroes


Cyber Competitions

  • Competitions are a great way to learn and practice your defense and offense cybersecurity skills. And they are lots of fun!
  • NICE-Challenge (instructors in UMSL courses will provide you with more information in class) 


Scholarship Opportunities for Students


Security Resources for the Community


Security Resources for Businesses (particularly relevant for small/medium size businesses)


Government Sites:


Not-for-profit / Government Sponsored Sites:


Web Application Security (broadly Software Security and Assurance):


General Security Sites / Blogs / Mailing Lists


Data Breach Reports and Resources