The University of Missouri–St. Louis is home to state-of-the-art dedicated cybersecurity laboratory facilities to facilitate student learning and research.

The Cybersecurity and Information Technology Innovation Lab (CITIL) provides students with access to contemporary technologies and tools to help them learn both business and technical aspects of information security. CITIL also provides faculty and students with compute and other technical resources for engaging in research projects. CITIL currently has two major components: 1) a virtual lab, and 2) a physical lab.

Dedicated Cybersecurity Virtual Lab

Students have access to a fully virtualized and sandboxed ethical hacking and penetration testing environment where students learn the basics of network, host, and web application security. The lab is remotely accessible to students enrolled in cybersecurity courses. 

Dedicated Cybersecurity Physical Lab

The cybersecurity lab is located in Room 204 Express Scripts Hall. It is a state of the art facility capable of holding 40 students. It boasts of fully reconfigurable furniture to facilitate student collaboration. It has three plasma screens for projecting and also provides a dedicated corner for student exercises for computer forensics and other hands-on activities.  

The lab also hosts its own servers configured to provide a self-service private cloud for students and faculty. While the virtual lab provides a limited number of network and application setups the private cloud allows students to fully experience cloud computing and, more importantly, create test/practice labs of their own choosing. Faculty and students also have access to scalable compute resources and ready-to-use virtual machine images customized to carry out a variety of tasks.